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ISSUE # 6, Feb/March 2022 Edition

Welcome to the World of Literature and the Arts.

ILA Magazine publishes an eclectic  blending of literature, prose, poetry, short stories, and other works (visual art, photography, special features of authors and their books), both by established and emerging writers and artists. We will periodically be featuring guest writers with interviews, and occasionally, reviews and translations. We also have recently decided, even though we are fairly new, to make a transition from quarterly to monthly, which shall continue to be published, online only

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Our Mission

When creativity is utilized, it sparks the muse within us, whether through writing or visual arts, discovered or
undiscovered, by chance or through a profound experience. Our goals for ILA is to spark that creativity, to encourage, support and publish the work of writers and artists along their journeys of self-expression, whether through a voice, a pen or a brush, and by providing a harmonizing, comfortable and peaceful environment.

Creativity through Literature and the Arts is most beneficial to the inner senses and well-being from within.
Each unique individual has a stronger sense of themselves and when you allow creativity to flow, whether it be through the various genres of literature and the arts, it is that impulse of that moment in time where a connection brings together, heart, mind and soul.

ILA publishes
cultural diversity of literature and the arts, with both established and emerging artists and writers, who have a brush yet to be used or a voice yet to be heard, with perhaps a deeper understanding of values, such as humanity, peace and freedom of speech. The goal of ILA is to broaden the horizons of many, to be a catalyst of guidance, to help boost confidence in people with a voice and who are just beginning their journeys, and for the silent voices who are just starting out on their adventures of artistic expression.

We are supportive of writers and artists with aspirations and goals. We welcome voices of diverse individuals from different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, cultures, societies and with the utmost respect and love.

ILA is a non-profit magazine, devoted to the world of Literature and the Arts, and it is here, there is hope to provide a platform, internationally. We want to hear the silent voices, to celebrate the colorful aspects of your creativity, the chance to be read and recognized, to offer a sense of belonging, a deeply-rooted feeling as if you've always been here and never left.

We support all writers and artists who aspire to publish their work and share their artistic expression with both our E-Magazine, as well as our Blog, and our social media platforms. Here, we feature Poetry/Prose, Editor's Choice, Short Stories, Special Features of writers, recent Book Publications, Visual Arts/Photography, Blog articles with frequent features of writers and their work, an occasional review, interview and translations.

At some point in the future, we may transition from publishing quarterly to monthly and when we do, we will surely announce.

Oh, and one more thing, we are so happy we are into our second year, happy we are growing continuously and simply happy you are here with us!

Annette Nasser
Boston, USA

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Book Publications

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About the Editors


Submissions Form for Poetry and Prose, only.

Please read the following submission guidelines, below.


* No sexual content, no vulgarity, no profanity shall be approved. 
(one or two swear words are fine, don't make a habit of it and any more than two
will absolutely not be approved)

* No negative literature toward race, religion, culture, ethnicity, gender, otherwise it will be declined.

FOR POETRY: Only 1-2 of your best, unpublished poems, may be submitted on this Submissions Form, or, if you prefer, you may contact any of the Editors and submit by email (located below).

ONE (1) submission per writer, submit by email, only.


Contact, only. We are not accepting online submissions.

We will accept original and unpublished Visual Arts/Photography by email. You may provide an image of yourself and a brief synopsis about your art.


Contact via Email, only. Please do provide an image of your book(s), a brief, third-person BIO about yourself as well as information about your book. Your synopsis should be written short and precise. Optional but not required, provide an image of yourself.

* FOR ALL OTHER INQUIRIES (About Music, YouTube Videos, etc.,) contact following editors at:

Annette Nasser, Founder/Editor:

Atif Khurshid Wani, Senior Editor:

Hanan Muzafar, Contributing Editor:

Bur Han, Contributing Editor

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

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